Announcing Zwift and Wahoo SYSTM integration [October 2023]

We are pleased to announce that Zwifters can sync activities to the Wahoo SYSTM training ecosystem.

If you’re a Wahoo SYSTM user, please visit the Zwift and Third-Party Integrations article on our Support Hub for instructions on how to enable this new feature using the Zwift Companion app (version 3.52+ required) or on your Zwift profile web page


@shooj - to be clear: does this mean workouts from the SYSTM calendar will pop over to Zwift for me to do them in game, like TrainingPeaks?

(That would make sense, but I only ask because the Zwift connection screen describes the connection as “Connect and post activities to your Wahoo account”, which makes it sound like this connection will just send my Zwift activity to my Wahoo account. That’s the same thing the TrainingPeaks connection says, so I assume it does sync the SYSTM workouts of the day into my Zwift account…)



Thanks for catching that error. This will connect and post Zwift activities to your Wahoo account.

that’s a shame. For me there is no point of posting Zwift activities to SYSTM as that’s already done via Strava and Garmin. The real value-add would be to allow us to do SYSTM workouts directly in Zwift.


Yep. That would be awsome!:+1:


I connected to Wahoo and assume this only applies to future activities. Is there a way to update past Zwift activities to Wahoo?

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And the same for workouts created on Garmin Connect too.

No. It does not sync past activity history, only the ones moving foward.

I have a browser extension that can export your SYSTM workouts as FIT files. You can then use the converter at Whats On Zwift. The exported FIT files use your current 4DP profile, and outputs the targets solely using your FTP, so you’ll want to use the same FTP value in the workout convertor and in Zwift for accurate 4DP based targets. If your FTP or 4DP metrics change, you’ll need to re-export from SYSTM. Note that it doesn’t export cadence targets.

I’ve done a lot of SYSTM workouts in Zwift, and it works well enough, although I do personally hate Zwift’s workout player, definitely sub-standard, but it gets the XP/drops! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. FIT Exporter for non-Wahoo Devices - SYSTM Software - Wahoo X Forum
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