Animation glitch - riding mountain bike uphill

I started riding up AdZ for the Cape Epic mission this evening, and I quickly noticed an annoying animation bug.

Every few seconds, the rider stutters slightly. Shifting forwards and backwards on the saddle, bending his arms and straightening them.

I wondered if it was on the Scott Spark RC only, but no. It appears on the Zwift Mountain Bike too:

I didn’t notice the effect when I was freewheeling or pedaling down the slope, so it looks like an uphill glitch only.

It’s quite noticeable and distracting.

Sweet Gretna Van Fleet playlist too! Those kids make great Zwifting music.

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Is it not a bug that you are flying also? Helium in tires maybe?

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I wonder if it’s a new bug. I can see it happening in GPLama’s video from today:

But I don’t notice it in his video from back when the steering FutureWorks lab test was added:

Either way, it’s not just me. It only seems to be in the upright position too, not the crouched one.

Thanks for pointing this out @Daren :scream: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph: :triumph:

I saw it this morning and count not unseen it. :sob: :sob:

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Glad I could ruin your Zwift mountain bike experience Gerrie! :wink:

But yeah, that’s what I mean about annoying. It’s impossible to ignore.

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One thing I’ve noticed since watching these videos (and in doing a few rides since, both on MTB and road bikes) is that when on the MTB the avatar sits ‘on the saddle’ whereas on the road bikes the avatar always appears to be ‘on the rivet’ (I can always see a lot of saddle). What’s up with that?

I noticed this glitch this morning. Every 2.5 seconds my avatar clicks forward and back on the saddle. Quite annoying.

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Guys did you notice that this has been fixed in the last update.


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Has it? Nice! I’ll check it out next time I’m on a mountain bike! :smiley:

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