Android v 1.51.0 (1.0.122036). October 25 Your app should alert you that an update is available

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure I’m in the right categroy nevertheless, I’m facing some trouble to find some basic information again following the lates relase.

  • I’m not anymore able to reach the customized workout. Available before as a list.
  • I’m not able to create a new workout session starting from an exsisting one.
  • I’m not able to clearly check what are the differents part of a session form a workout that I’ve created or not.
    Does someone have the same issue or is it something taht I did wrong.
    Thanks in advance.

You are not the only one asking. link below shows what you want.

Thanks for the answer and link.
Have just double checked and it works.
The alternative is not obvious but it’s clearly a way to access and have those functionalities available again.

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