Android up to date but

anyone having android issues,

Both devices up to date, even after a reinstall.

Same here but using iOS deleted and reinstalled a couple of times still no joy

Same issue. Just reinstalled Android Companion 3.15.2 from play store and same problem.

See Companion app woes

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Zwift Team is aware and we are looking into it. We are posting updates on

Thanks for your patience.

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Was the new version tested before it went into production?
Maybe Zwift should create a Change Management team. :grin:

I don’t think think the Companion app has anything to do with the update. The Companion was working fine for me earlier with the latest update, and then it suddenly stopped working.

Actually very pleased to see what appears to be the beginning of enforced updates. This will be a step forward.

Just unfortunate that it seems to have been rolled out before there’s actually an update to install.

Yep, I’m not happy about it. Issue on both Android and Ios suggests Zwift is the problem originator.

Thank you Josie.

Now working again.