Companion update

Hey. I’m having no problems and I think Zwift is working great.
I occasionally use the companion app on my Android phone.
Does this update automatically?

It should depend on your settings. If you’ve chosen to allow apps to update automatically, then yes.

If not, then go into Google Play and check for updates. You can just find the Companion app in the Play Store and it should tell you if there’s an update available.

Thanks. I currently have the latest version but I didn’t know if that’s because the companion updates are few and far between or is it updating automatically.

Well, I checked the settings in ZCA and didn’t see an update option. Maybe it’s just automatic because I have never been back to the play store.

Just noticed an updated myself, from 27th October. Did I miss the release notes on here?

We don’t seem to have had a post on the 3.19.1 Companion update, although the sticky with version numbers was updated.

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I meant the Google Play store settings. “Auto-update apps”.

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