Companion App not Updating

ive tried umpteen times to update the companion app but when i press the update button it take’s me to the google play store and wont update, ive uninstalled half a dozen times still wont update, Whats going on

Just updated without a problem (I know it doesn’t help…)


Had the same issue a number of times on both android and iOS… I left it for a bit and it eventually worked mate.

I confirm the same update issue from a few days ago occurred briefly this morning.

both tablets and now my phone poor do when you need the app for rides or races

Yeah mate it bad crack. I missed my allocated training slot the other day as it would let me update. Thankfully it did sort itself out within a few hours, however, it also happened today but within one or two attempts it updated no problem. Hope you get it sorted.

The Google Play store should tell you whether your device is compatible or not.

Companion v3.16 supports Android v5.0 and newer. By any chance, are you running ZC on an older Android device?

both my tablets are Android 9 so im assuming that its up to date on that version of Android

ive uninstalled the companion app on the two tablets and my phone left them overnight reinstalled it works on my phone but still saying its out of date when i press update takes me into google play which says open the photos are what I get when trying to open the app