Android - incomplete installation - missing file

For 2 weeks now I’m having an issue installing zwift on my Samsung Galaxy S10. It was working fine for months now all the sudden I get an error when trying to reinstall that says incomplete installation - missing file click ok to uninstall and reinstall from playstore.

I follow all steps and have been in contact with support all week and still the same error and still the same generic answers from support

What file is missing? How do I find out? First they tell me I can’t send logs from my Android because I can’t login them they tell me to send logs but again can’t complete install so how am I sending logs.

Support keeps sending me to new people all week who keep giving same generic responses oh well uninstall them reinstall I’ve done this 100 times this is so frustrating.
Anyone have a fix?

Has anyone identified a solution for this. My tablet is doing the same. It was working fine then suddenly last week the Zwift app would not start and it failed with “installation incomplete - missing files”. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it does not fix anything.