Android | Companion app "network error"/ unable to log in [February 2024]

Getting a “network error” on companion app at bottom of page

Doesnt always show up Uninstalled and reinstalled app no luck does disappear after 10 seconds on when i tap retry yhen it goes away. Any answers why?


Shuji at Zwift HQ here. That’s the first time I’m seeing a network error message in Companion.

Assuming you’re using WiFi to connect the phone to your home network - I’d start by rebooting your cable modem and then your WiFi router in that order to reset your local network. Did that make the error message go away?

Are you also having difficulty getting the Companion app to “see” that you’re Zwifting and toggle over into ride mode? If that’s happening - check this support article to make sure that Companion is paired to WiFI and that there’s nothing preventing Companion from seeing the game app.

It was happening last night it worked fine i did a ride as u can see then had trouble login in turned wifi on and off seem to work came to my business today and the problem persists Uninstalled the app cleared cach and data rebooted my phone but its periodically doing it not every time i go into zwift companion zwift online no problem

It is happening on 2 different network jome and at work never seen this before my self even when i logged in with my credentials it was Saying Oops it was wrong on repeated attemts so i checked my credentials on zwift .com it was correct finally i was able to login but at work today it happened a couple of times totally different network

It is quite easy to recreate, turn on airplane mode and then swipe down to refresh the CA.

I saw this two days ago for about two seconds as the app was starting up. Went away and connected, and that was that. Android App, never had issues before, mesh network, Zwift on Win PC.

Same issue here. I get a Network Error when i want to see the participants of an event. Only when I’m connected with WLAN. Using Mobile Data works fine. Can’t even Log in using WLAN. Happens since the latest Update, I believe. My WLAN ist fine, though.


Same issue here. I get ‘network error’ when trying to view member of group. Its very consistent. I tried restarting my Router, then my WLAN. No improvement. Also, at about the same time, since the last update, I can’t log into the Companion App when not actually riding. I’m presented with the logon page, which I’ve only had to do once since inception, but my password keeps disappearing as soon as i paste it.
Using android for Companion App and PC for riding.

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I’m getting this Network error a lot in the last week…it just pops randomly and i have to restart the app (sometimes multiple times) to get it to work again. I don’t think it’s my Wifi.

Hi, login is not possible to Companion app on my Andorid mobile when connectet to WLAN. Using mobile data it works. This problem occurs since two or three days. Several of my friends have same issue. Please fix, thank you.

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was getting this for a few days from last week where it was either giving network error or rejecting my logon details, which are correct, was having to use 5g to get it working, then come Monday it mysteriously started working despite no changes to my network

I had this yesterday.

As you can tell other people are starting to have this issue also. Look in this thread

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Yup, another user here who has been affected by this issue for a week or so now. I had a few days of the ‘Network Error’ which badly affected companion app functionality when browsing rides, events, etc. This escalated to the login issue, which I have been unable to resolve though clearing cache, password resets, uninstall and reinstall. I have reported to the zwift team. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

Wow - didn’t realise it would work on mobile data. At least I now have access again until the wifi login issues are solved. Thanks for the workaround tip!

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Hi Guy, I have a zwift support ticket too and it seems they are now trying to find out which hardware could be affected. They ask me for details about my system (router version and so on). My plan for the next days is to test several WLANs from friends and companies to find out if the problem occurs with all WLANs or if it’s only with some systems. Hope there will be a solution soon, I really miss Companion app!

Why am I continuing to get a network error try again message on the companion app?

Hello folks,

I’m flagging this issue up at HQ for further investigation. From what I can see in this thread, this issue only seems to be affecting some, but not all, Android users. If possible, feel free to update this thread with this information:

  • How often does the “network error” or failed login issue occur?
  • What device do you use for Zwift Companion?
  • Does ZC work normally on a different device on your wifi network? (If you have a secondary phone/tablet to use)
  • Does turning off wifi and using mobile data only allow you to log in normally?
  • If your device can run the main Zwift app, are you able to log into Zwift on the same network?