companion app on wifi

when i try to log in on my companion app it gives me a “oops”. when my phone is on wifi.

when my phone is using cell data app logs in fine.

Sounds like there is an issue with your WiFi, try restarting the router.

i have done that. didnt work.

my pc has no problem connecting. even while the app is not recognizing my email password. then when i use the cellphone data it connects.

one thing that i noticed. if i enter other info in the log in. it says oops right away.

     if i use the proper email and password it takes minutes to give me the oops.   

thanks for the reply.

Oops! Sounds like this might indeed be network related. If restarting your router doesn’t help, try switching airplane mode on and off on your phone, and see if that helps to reset your connection!

If not, you can always open a support ticket with us here:

turned on and off the airplane mode on my phone. it worked

thank you.