Network Error on event rider list ZCA

I frequently get a “network error” when trying to view the list of riders for an event. I hit the retry button, but it usually takes 4 or 5 retries before it pulls them in.

I’m using a Huawei P30 Pro with Android 10.

Is that while riding, I have had that too

There is more on the error on that thread

Thanks for the link.

No, it happens whenever, really. That screenshot is from when the game wasn’t running.

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I get this too actually, all the time. Never really bothered me heaps, but it’s frequent. I’m on a Xioami mi 10 Ultra

it been happening for a few releases now, turn off the wifi and use data and I bet it works, support will say its the router/wifi at your place, its more likely the game having a moment as it doesn’t always do it for me at home

Just tried on mobile data and not WiFi. Checked about 4 events until it happened again.

Hey @Lee_Cassidy5006 thanks for the submission! I’m Norman from Zwift. This is a known issue as previously shared Android | Companion app "network error"/ unable to log in [February 2024].

There’s also a nice workaround over there that you should try, I’ll quote it here:

Moving forward, let’s try to keep the conversation over there shall we? Keeping that thread active is the best way to let HQ know that this known issue is still affecting our fellow Zwifters!

Thanks and RIde On.