Android 11 failed to load workout/ride

Newer user here, this morning I updated my phone to Android 11 operating system and wasn’t able to ride in Zwift. All devices connected and were responding (power, HR, cadence) but as soon as I selected a workout and hit Ride, the world failed to fully initialize or start ride.

Tried a device restart and the same thing happened. Any thoughts on why Zwift didn’t work?

Attempted to initialize rides with and without workouts in Watopia, New York, and Richmond.


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Workaround for Pixel 3a: Start ride, go into garage, go back to ride and the map issue resolves.



Thanks SO much. I has suspected this was a Google Fi VPN issue, but, alas, it wasn’t.

Your solution works perfectly. What an odd solution! How did you debug this?

Hi Lee,
I was lucky to have found a similar thread discussing the game load issue using Google Pixel devices (see link below).

If I had gone into the garage and backed out during intentional troubleshooting, it would’ve been pure luck! Haha.

Hopefully this bug gets sorted out soon.

game-load-issues-on-android/526088 @Stephen_Mulrine_HERD 's comment