Can't start a workout, game crashes immediately when attempting to look at the training menu

Repro Steps:

  • Start zwift
  • Pair sensors
  • Continue to the select world screen and click training – Crash occurs here

Same with if I load into the world, and select the workout button from the menu. Very frustrating :frowning:

Something potentially related from my log file:

[18:49:33] Loading WAD file ‘assets/Workouts/workouts.wad’ with file.
[18:49:33] Tried to load a valid xml file, but it seems to not really be a ZWO file?
[18:49:33] LoadWorkout failed to load.
This occurs for all of the xml files in the trainingPlans file.

I had the same issue yesterday.

Hey guys, have you submit a ticket to If not, that’s a good place to start. Include workout log files. Good luck!

Good news everyone!

I was just informed by out devs that a patch was released this morning to fix this issue. Once you have updated your Zwift games, it should be taken care of.

Ride On!