Crashing when starting a Training Plan workout? [April 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi - we’re aware of a bug affecting Zwifters who are launching a training plan workout in a specific way.

If you’re signed up for a training plan, you’ll see a prompt pop up for the next workout in the series that looks like this:

The crash happens a few steps after you click the link for “View entire plan.” A few clicks later, you’ll shown this Next Up prompt again before the game app crashes.

To start that specific workout: Click the Workout button instead.
If you want to view the entire plan: Click Not Now. Once you’re back at the home screen - select the Workout icon across the top, or the Training Plans tile on the main home screen.

This bug affects Zwifters using the new Home Screen UI across all OS platforms. We’re working on the fix and hope to have this sorted as soon as we can.


Update April 22
We made a temporary fix in game version 1.24 that removes the View Entire Plan link so you can’t run into the crash. You can view the entire plan by clicking “Not now” and viewing the training plan from the home screen.

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