Alpe du Zwift prize list

Hi @Gerrie_Delport can you confirm if the prize wheel should activate in races?

Got the wheels on try #6.

Got them today…on ascent 14! I might never ride it again :crazy_face:


Don’t forget there is an achievement badge to be earned on the 25th ascent!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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I’ve been up 9 times and no Wheels :frowning:, maybe for my 10th ascent :slight_smile:
I did cross the line twice on the TT bike and the wheel spun but I received nothing… I haven’t done that again :wink:

On my mission to get xp, sweatdrops and altitude for Tron bike, I am doing a workout up the Alpe on the TT bike (double xp), trying to time it so workout ends a switchback from the top. I then swap onto my Evo frame and cross the line to ensure the wheel spins and I get rewarded (mostly with 250 XP which is pretty handy). I then swap back to TT bike for the descent (double xp again and fast ;-).

Any other tips? I am also trying to chose routes with good altitude so I get new badges but not much beats the Alpe if you only have an Hour window to work with.

I don’t think you get double XP for using the TT bike in a workout, or any other time.

Hmm, you may be right. But, you do get more XP when going through banners (and not a power up). So doing a route with multiple laps you’ll get a boost in xp each time through the banner

In a workout, you get about 10 XP per minute, regardless of bike (except free ride segments or ramps, which are half that). You get 10 XP for going through a banner on the TT bike. There is nowhere on Zwift where you can possibly go through a banner once a minute for double XP.

Going up the Alpe, for the most XP in the least time, you want to ride your lightest bike (ideally, the Specialized Tarmac Pro with Lightweight Meilensteins). You definitely don’t want to be on a TT bike.

Yeah, I did some more digging and only going through banners gets you 10xp… and on the Alpe you don’t want to go through the banner on the TT as you don’t get what is spun (I found out the hard way twice)…
So from now on, I will not be using the TT frame on the Alpe as zero benefit, just slower time… do’oh…

Keep riding the TT bike on the way down, though! Unless you have something even heavier. Maybe the Buffalo with a disc wheel? (Oh, but you can’t do a super tuck on the Buffalo…and maybe not on a TT either.)

Disk wheel would be nice. Alas at level 25 (as of last ride) it’s not an option for me… :crazy_face:

BTW, I think I got the Meilensteins on my 14th ascent. Now, it seems I get them two times out of three!

Yes, it does seem that one ‘wins’ the wheels far more frequently once one has them already. On the plus side, though, landing on the wheels subsequent to winning them gives to 1,000 XP, instead of just the 250 XP for landing on the gloves or helmet again!

I only have 5 more Ascents to then for my wheels… then the XP will flow after… once 8 have the Tron, I think I’ll be exploring more worlds for a change in scenery. I have been doing new routes with decent ascent but running out of options for an hour now…

Hi Zwifters, completed the Alpe Du Zwift and was awarded the helmet, came on Zwift next day and the helmet was no longer in my garage. Completed the mountain a second time hoping to get my helmet back, but was given gloves. Anyone have any idea what has happenned to the helmet?

Hi @Billy_Blair, the Lazer Bullet helmet is the one you should have from the prize wheel, are you 100% certain it isn’t in your garage?

Fixed cadence being limited to 60’ish by moving cadence sensor away from peddle to as near crank as I could get it. Works fine now.

yes the best way to get XP fast is to join a PACE BOT and activate a custom workout with only one module: the intervall block (the one with two block to adjust) you get a little bit more for the IV workout plus the pace bot speed and the drop multiplier

just set the IV block to the corresponding W/kg and you are done it doesnt matter which zone…