Alpe Du Zwift Power up follows user....why?

Hi all,

Another update and another Alpe Du Zwift bug. The power-ups on Alpe Du Zwift follower a user and are not stationary on a particular segment.

See screen dump below.

The power-ups are useless since they very rarely work. This has been a bug for years and never been fixed.

I could be wrong, but what your screenshot shows seems to be normal behaviour for this extra feature for regular ascenders of the Alpe.
What you’re seeing is the countdown timer (2:12) to one of three (of four?) ephemeral power-up arches along the Alpe ascent that are based on your previous times in the recent past. Only when you reach the arches in under the calculated time do you win the power-up that is shown next to the countdown timer. If you don’t go fast enough (according to Zwift’s calculation), the arch disappears and you don’t win the power-up.

Edit: As noted later in this thread, I am probably imagining the arches. The thresholds could well be invisible on the main map, but occur at the same points each time.


Oh… arch you say…um. I’ve climbed the Alpe 242 times and never seen an arch - so how do I know where this ephemeral power-up arch is? I was under the impression that in 2:12 I reach a point in the climb that issues a power-up. Regardless of whether I ‘beat’ a previous time or not.

I don’t have a screenshot of any of the arches (which look like the ones that occur during workouts, when passing from one section to another), but I can confirm that the last time I was regularly riding up the Alpe, I had the countdown timers and got to some of the arches but not all. From memory, it pushes you to meet or exceed a previous best, so not easily attainable.
Perhaps other regular Alpers can weigh in with their experiences?

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Wow! I have never seen an arch in 242 ascents… If I did, I might rider even harder. This ‘arch’ concept is news to me! Please somebody post a screen shot!

I’ve never seen an arch either on Apple TV, on the Alpe. But it’s as Roule said - you need to get to that powerup before the timer runs out otherwise it disappears.

But how do you know WHERE the power-up point is?

It’s not an arch. It’s a chalk thumbs up on the tarmac, I think?


Big respect to you Stephen. I dont think I’ll ever hit that many ascents!

I have rarely hit whatever target is there and as I’m usually killing myself focusing on the Companion App power numbers, I cant say that I can recall what time(s) I have seen either but I had always assumed it adjusted as my times improved but only recall once of twice getting that PU.

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Now I’m wondering if I’ve hallucinated the arches. :no_mouth:
Perhaps not enough coffee this morning? I’ve done some image and YouTube searches and can find nothing, anywhere.

In any case, I do recall that the threshold points for winning (or not) the power-ups are at the same points each time.

  • The first one appears on the mini-map during the first covered road portion (with the vista to your right), but I don’t recall where the threshold point actually is.
  • The next one, IIRC, is directly under the suspended log at the turn around the crane.
  • The final one is in the middle of the ice tunnel in the latter stages of the ascent, where some equipment is stored to the right.

Now I think about it more, the arches I’m “seeing” are probably in my mind’s eye, from looking at the countdown timers on the mini-map and pushing myself into deep pain to reach the cut-off in time, like the final moments of a workout section where you’re holding on for survival.
Apologies for any confusion. I’m putting on a new pot of coffee…

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Like I said, my head is down killing myself so I cant help you Roule :rofl:

Something stronger than a coffee can also do wonders :beers:

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Thanks Dean…

It gets harder each time I climb since I’m approaching 62 years old soon. I try to climb in under 50 minutes - usually around 47-48 minutes depending how I feel. At one stage I could push out 2 consecutive ascents in under 50 minutes - but I’m finding that a bit more difficult now.

I looks at my watts and if I can stay at 250 Watts for each segment I normally get around 47-48 minutes. I’m 62 kg - so I do have a climbers build.

My goal is 1000 ascents - hopefully before my 65 birthday.

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Ah… I have seen a chalk thumb… OK I’ll try this tomorrow and see if I get a power up.

Thanks David.

I found this January 2022 video for you. Power up positions x3 as you have listed.

To save viewing whole video key times in video are:

Also found this from April 2018

‘These times are based off some of your previous efforts, plus or minus a random amount of time.’ If this is still the case it probably makes getting a Powerup hard to achieve as you get older and possibly slower, and especially when you have done 200+ ascents.


Brilliant stuff, Ian. :ride_on:

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Thanks for all the responses. I never realized this feature after 242 ascents.

One would think Zwift would put a more noticeable marker - a banner for example, so that one new when to attain a power up. (rather than a thumb on the road).

I’ll give it another go…

How many ascents have you done, don’t think you mentioned it ? :wink::rofl:

243 now… Mate you gotta blow your own trumpet at my age!

Did you get a powerup ?:muscle:

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Have you got the wheels yet?