Alone in the world specifically on iOS [July 2022] [SOLVED]

Haha, I might, but I’m honestly not getting my hopes up :man_shrugging:

Rest assured, the fix is coming in the next few days. That was a hard one to debug as it is very dependent on specific ISP configurations and only happens on iOS. Sorry for the trouble.

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This again makes me wonder if using a VPN would work around the problem. Users subscribed to a VPN service on their desktop/laptop computer may already have access to the same service on iOS.

We’re releasing the fix for this in the next game release coming this week. Appreciate your patience everyone.

Using a VPN may create a situation where the smartphone running the Companion app can’t see the the device running game app. Both devices have to be on the same local network for them to see each other.

If one happens to be very tech-savvy, one can still make that work. But not everyone is.

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I was guessing that most cellular data users don’t depend on the Companion integration since they don’t have a local area network (or would be OK to ride without it)

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed in Zwift game release 1.28.0 which released today. Please update at your earliest opportunity.