Alone in the world specifically on iOS [July 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi, since the update I haven’t been able to see other riders when using mobile data (4G), everything seems to work fine but can’t join events or pace partners nor see anyone else. Have I missed something? Thanks

Sounds like you aren’t connected to the network, the symptoms you are describing is what happens when i lose wifi signal during a ride. Everyone disappears.

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Is it weird it has only occurred since the update?

A few people have reported issues running over mobile data recently. Probably connected to the security changes that Zwift made recently, i.e. port issues.

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@Duane_Cousins_TBR we’ve seen a number of people experiencing similar issues and are actively investigating.

Hi guys since last update I’m the only rider on Zwift it’s ok on. Wi-Fi but my man cave is down the garden and so I use my phone apparently Zwift have had some complaints about this and said there trying to fix this but I find this really annoying anyone else find this I’m on apple phone my mate also has same problem

Any idea of when riding on my own isn’t doing my mental health any good

I don’t have a timeline currently I’m afraid, just that the team are investigating it.

It’s a long shot, but if you have a non iOS device that you could use, that should be fine.

Nope we’re all on iPhones :worried:

Perhaps in future they should test everything before releasing it?

LOL!!! you must be new here


I was genuinely surprised how many people use Zwift without an Internet connection.

Obviously we do significant amounts of testing prior to every update we release, but unfortunately we didn’t pick this issue up.

Yep Zwift told to come here lol

I’m not a tech guru, but would something like 100-200 ft of ethernet cable connected to a wifi extender work?

Likely to isolate the situation to the wifi extender reception. Network cables can be 328 ft before needing a repeater, but also - no hard bends in the cable run

Same problem here with absent riders over 4G. Hope it gets fixed soon :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:

Yeah still not fixed

What about iPhone issue?

I think iPhone’s on the OS’ that will be deprecated will still be in greyscale, but android 13 is not supposed to be deprecated

I’m pretty sure Simon is referring to the issue he noted further up in this thread, which is linked to the recently introduced ‘security enhancements’ that is impacting Zwift when using mobile data (4G/5G) connections.

Not a bug that is impacting me personally but fingers crossed that gets sorted soon for anyone that Zwifts using mobile Data

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