Loosing contact during races

When using Zwift on AppleTV I experience loosing contact/functionalities when a race starts. Before, or just riding solo everything seems normal. The riders disappears, bikes jumps around without riders and everything goes slow. I normally end up being alone! Everything seems going slow, like having a bad internet connection, which I don’t have.
On one race, after 20 minutes riding mostly alone, the Zwift time said I had used only 12 minutes!! When using my iPhone or iPad everything works fine!
Anyone having similar experience and or solutions to fix this?

Which model of Apple TV is this? I’ve not seen this happen on my ATV. Did your ATV report losing the network or anything similar?

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Best thing would be to forward the ride file to
Zwift and let them analyze it.
This could happen if you are not on the most current version of Zwift or with internet issues which I know you state you don’t have.
But since tons of people don’t seem to have this problem then it makes it more likely to be on your end.

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Unfortunately there are no log files available when using Apple TV. :neutral_face:

Even though the OP states that their internet connection is good, the behavior sounds distinctly like a bad internet connection. I would suggest hardwiring the ATV to see if the behavior stops.

Another option might be to reduce the graphics resolution.


Thanks for your comments and proposals.
I am using the ATV 4th gen model A1625. After my posting I have tried several things, unfortunately not one by one so… I have unplugged and reset the ATV, the Zwift app, reduced the TV frequenz from 60 to 50 hz (1080p 50hz)). ATV is connected via Wifi, the signal quality and speed seems good.
Anyway no bugs at the moment! I have also test-started in some races, and everything seems normal! (not suprised, suppose the bugs HQ knows that and let everything act as normal! But when I want to do a race…) So I do not trust the system and will continue to test.