AppleTV - No Signal - Midway through a ride

Hey everyone, I am wondering if you can help…

I have been using Zwift on my Kickr Core with AppleTV for nearly two years now. Mostly without issue (the odd gremlin has popped up, but been resolved).

My current issue is that I will be riding along, whether it be a freeride, workout or group ride and my TV will go blank and it will come up with the message ‘No Signal’. In addition to this, Zwift then stops progressing me in the virtual world. So its not as if I can keep pedalling and wait for the picture to return to my TV.

Sometimes I leave it a minute and it returns of its own accord, sometimes I unplug the HDMI cable and pop it back in and it sometimes comes back, sometimes is a bit of a wait.

So I kinda of think it isn’t the cable, as in theory, if there is no signal to the TV, the appleTV should still be running zwift and I should still be able to progress… right?

So then I think maybe its losing internet connection, but I would assume the game would hang up rather than send a ‘no signal’ message.

Anyway, if you have read this far, I thank you, and I hope someone might have a solution or some info that can help me, as yesterday I started a group ride, lost signal, which put me 40 seconds back… it was a tough catch up!!


If you lose your internet connection, other riders will disappear, but Zwift will continue to run.

If the screen goes black w/a “no signal” message, then it is either the HDMI cable or the Apple TV acting up.

I have never tried unplugging the HDMI cable mid-session, but it may be that the Apple TV cannot be run headless or that Zwift will not run once the Apple TV goes headless.

I would manually check that your Apple TV OS as well as Zwift are updated. Then, I would double check the display settings of the Apple TV. Lastly, I would try a diff HDMI cable.

Many thanks for the reply.

maybe I need to try an experiment and fire up zwift, start riding and then manually disconnect the cable to see if Zwift will still run. That would then indicate whether it can run ‘headless’ as you say.

I am hoping its just a dodgy cable. I will also try a different one.

I will check everything is up to date too. All good advice… many thanks!

quick update, it does appear to be a dodgy cable, which is a massive relief.

If the AppleTV box loses signal to the TV it stops progressing/playing, almost like it thinks you have turned the TV off, so it pauses whatever you may be watching (which makes sense, otherwise anything you were streaming would keep playing).

So an easy fix, new cable ordered!