No Riders on Apple TV

no other riders ,how to rectify ?


Need more info.

What world/course were you riding?

What platform were you using (iPad, Mac, PC or AppleTV)?


Apple tv , its been fine up to the last couple of days . have to delete and re install for it to work . im trying Never Sleep . thanks 

Hi Micky, you also can try force-closing the Zwift app after you have finished your ride/workout.  This is a known issue:


thanks for your help .

Same problem.  I have to unplug my Apple TV and plug it in again every time.  It works but this is not desireable.

the article says this issue is resolved by connecting apple tv via an ethernet cable.

Mine is connected via an ethernet cable out of a Powerlink Adapter. Issue is still there.

reset apple tv seems to be the quickest solution , takes a few seconds