Apple Tv no riders

Several people in the forum are experiencing the same issue, for me this just started on the weekend. Leave everything running go to get on you are riding solo. Only thing that seems to fix it is a reset on the apple Tv., Are you guys working on a fix for this?

Its a bandwidth issue.  It also does not upload your ride correctly when its stuck like this.

I get it from time to time where its seems to lose internet connectivity although the game keeps running.  Everyone then just vanishes for awhile!!  Most of the time its coming back on its own during the ride now.  It generally seems to be when the server is really busy.

PC based kit - same problem today 13:00 ish, riding alone then, not alone, then alone … frustrating when competing with another rider.

First time a problem of severity for me.

What was that about membership being doubled - seems like the bugs have been doubling up too recently. <sigh>

Hi all,

There is a known issue regarding Apple TV not reconnecting to WiFi after going to sleep