Zwifting All Alone is No Fun

Since December 22, 2017, I’ve been running and biking alone when using the iOS Zwift app on my Apple TV. Before that time, I would run or bike with a large community. Is there a problem with the iOS app? Or is there something that I can do at my end to fix the problem. Zwifting alone is no fun!

I was having the same issues.  I was using a power strip (AC on/off) to turn off my monitor and fan after finishing Zwift.  However, the AppleTV was plugged into the outlet and left running.  It was programmed to go into power savings mode after an hour of non-use.  When I wanted to use Zwift, I would turn on the monitor and launch Zwift.  After the last update I started to get the same effect you are describing - no one else was visible.  I re-booted the AppleTV and voila - all was back to normal.  The next time I used the program I was back to no one being visible.  So, I set up the AppleTV on the power strip (so it gets shut off between uses) like the monitor and now all is well.  Every time I use Zwift I have to boot up the AppleTV and I can now see others. I don’t know why or what is happening to Zwift (I assume when the AppleTV goes into power savings mode) but re-boot times are very short so no real issue for me.  I have been booting up for each use now for 5 days and all is well.   Hope this helps

I think this relates to the issue they have on the PC which I reported a long time ago. I finally suspected it was their network code dropping information whenever the CPU is overwhelmed (constantly at 100%), which happens easily with their engine being a CPU and GPU hog just to run the game. I found that running Zwift on either of my family laptops that did not have a dedicated GPU led to all riders disappearing but using a 3rd laptop, which was otherwise the same spec as one of the problem ones, with a dedicated GPU did not have the problem.

It seems like your problem may be similar in that, for some reason, the AppleTV is not coming back up to full CPU availability after going into power saving. I have noticed this sometimes even with movies where I have to restart because of stuttering then the problem goes away.

Interesting.  One point I forgot to add is that I usually have Pandora running ‘in the background’ providing music.  When I was done with Zwift, I would pause Pandora and shut off the monitor.  The next time I used Zwift I would turn on the monitor, un-pause Pandora and start Zwift.  Now of course I have to start up everything each time - I’ve not had any issues since changing to this method. Thanks Peter.

Hi Ray,

Try running an ethernet cable straight into your Apple TV. We’ve found an issue where after sleep mode, Zwift will not reconnect to the servers if you are on WiFi. 

Just the same problem has to restart Apple TV every time it has been in power save mode. It started a week ago, I have the network  cable directly to the router. I read on forums that many have the same problem with apple tv

I’m still alone in Zwift by using Apple TV, do you have a fix for this soon?

Bjorn-Tore, try force-closing the Zwift tvOS app after each session.  This works for me.

more info in this article:


Force-closing the Apple TV each time works.