Alone in the world specifically on iOS [July 2022] [SOLVED]

Ah. My bad.

Thanks Jon your spot on I used ROUVY yesterday but didn’t like it at all I hope Zwift pull there fingers out as been a week now

I just want to have the connection sorted so I can use my phone unless Zwift want to pay to run a cable and router to mr shed :joy: can’t believe it’s not been sorted by now :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Is there any update on the 4G issue please Zwift staff/managers?

It’s still under investigation. We don’t at this stage have a fix for it.

Currently line of thinking (this is not proven) that these are poor internet connections which have a lot of corrupted data which is impacted by the encryption work that we’ve done. As I mentioned, this isn’t proven and we’re continuing to look into it with a group of people that have been affected.

Would getting someone who is experiencing issues doing a speed test help to see if this is the case?

get ping, upload and download speeds.

My speed tests as follows over 4G
Download speed 131 mbps
Upload 10 mbps
Latency 2ms
So no problems here with the speed!

Thanks - Any VPN, Firewall or Antivirus software running at all? If so would you mind disabling and rechecking?

I’m not expecting this to help but does allow us to tick the box.

Apple dose not use these and I have no antivirus apps

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Maybe you have a virus

Hi no because other people have the same issue mate

I was joking

No VPN, firewall or antivirus.

If something is dropping the traffic, I wonder if a VPN would actually help

I know this doesn’t help but I just tried zwift via 4G in the UK on android 11 and it worked ok and other zwifters were visible. I don’t have a VPN or antivirus software.

would it help if people listed the make and model of their phone and the mobile provider they’re using?

Mine was a moto G 5G plus on lycamobile in the UK if that helps at all.

Just seems to be on iPhones

Running Zwift on my iPhone using 4G only: all normal, no issues. Others visible, etc. :man_shrugging:
Zwift v1.27.0
iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 15.6, 256 GB
4G network: Swisscom blue mobile (up to 1Gbps)

Are u in the uk?

Switzerland (Swisscom)

Ah must b it’s different over there ?