Alone in the world specifically on iOS [July 2022] [SOLVED]

Hi @Kurt_Arnold_NVCC Welcome to the Zwift community forums!

@James_Zwift Is correct we have gotten a few reports identical to this, it is a known issue and we are currently looking into a resolution for it.

Things that I’ve noted so far:

This only seems to affect the direct 5G connection on iOS, If you use the 5g connection as a pass through (hot spot) and Zwift on another device it doesn’t seem to be affected.

I have only seen this issue when the latency is extremely high (1000 ms ping or higher). I’m curious to know if you’re having the same issue, any chance you could run a speed test to LA? (this is for my own curiosity, but may also help us narrow down what’s going on)

If you have another internet connection you can use, or another device you can use with your iPad as a hotspot, it may be a viable workaround while we are getting things figured out on our end.

Hi Terry,

Speed test just ran. Average sits around 288ms - screen shot attached. I have no idea what this means, but hopefully it’s helpful!


Speed tests to Sydney and LA for reference attached too.

@Kurt_Arnold_NVCC couple of additional troubleshooting questions for you to help with the investigation:

  1. Do you happen to use any kind of VPN, antivirus or firewall apps (e.g. Malwarebytes, Nord, Surfshark, etc) on your iPad?
  2. If so, could you please try momentarily uninstalling these apps to see if that solves the issue?

I’ve just started having this issue last week. Never been a problem until now. I can only use 4G in my garage and when I do all other riders are gone. So frustrating!

Hi Dean,

Really sorry about this. It’s a problem that we’re aware of and looking into.

There’s been a few posts about this elsewhere.

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Thanks @James_Zwift - appreciate you picking this up

I wonder if a workaround might be to use a second cellular device as a mobile hotspot and have the Zwift device use that over wifi. “Honey can I borrow your phone for 5 hours?”

Last couple of rides on Zwift I can’t see anybody else, unless I connect to a WiFi source. I have unlimited data on my phone and other apps that use data are working. Any ideas people? Thanks in advance

Any more updates on this?

Update: we are QA testing a bug fix, and getting closer to a resolution.

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Same here- running Zwift on iOS mobile data and haven’t seen any other Zwifters since the last update. Haven’t been able to join group rides, or participate in events. Really disappointed. Seems like it’s been over a month, is there any talk of getting a refund for a month’s service? We’re still paying full price for a subscription that isn’t exactly working as it should….

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My guess is the fix will come in the next release which is a few days away. Try asking support for a refund and report back.

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Haha, I might, but I’m honestly not getting my hopes up :man_shrugging:

Rest assured, the fix is coming in the next few days. That was a hard one to debug as it is very dependent on specific ISP configurations and only happens on iOS. Sorry for the trouble.

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This again makes me wonder if using a VPN would work around the problem. Users subscribed to a VPN service on their desktop/laptop computer may already have access to the same service on iOS.

We’re releasing the fix for this in the next game release coming this week. Appreciate your patience everyone.

Using a VPN may create a situation where the smartphone running the Companion app can’t see the the device running game app. Both devices have to be on the same local network for them to see each other.

If one happens to be very tech-savvy, one can still make that work. But not everyone is.

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I was guessing that most cellular data users don’t depend on the Companion integration since they don’t have a local area network (or would be OK to ride without it)

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed in Zwift game release 1.28.0 which released today. Please update at your earliest opportunity.