ALMOST everything works.

 I have a polar M450 bike computer and matching Polar heart rate monitor.  I have a Wahoo cadence sensor and all on a Clycleops Magnet smart trailer.  Everything is linked but my bike does not move in Zwift.  Please help.

When in the Pair screen, do you have an animated Ant+ or BTLE icon? Upper left corner.

Make sure you are pairing the trainer as controllable trainer. If possible can you post a pic of your pairing screen.

Does this setup require a wheel based speed sensor Jimmy?

I am not certain but starting to think that it does need a speed sensor but not the bike computer plus the bike shop that I deal with got ahold of Polar and their computers are not Zwift compatible.

If your trainer doesn’t broadcast watts you will need a speed sensor so Zwift can estimate your watts based on your rear wheel speed.

Jimmy, please tell us the following so we can help you better:

Exactly which Cycleops trainer do you have? Is it the Magnus or if not, which model is it? 

Do you run Zwift on Windows, macOS, iOS (iPhone/iPad), or tvOS (Apple TV)?

You are right that the bike computer is not needed for zwifting.




I’m thinking we’re getting lost in the description of your trainer Jimmy. As has been said, let us know which model of trainer you have.

Along those lines, I’m thinking you’re going to have to set up your trainer as a ‘classic’.

You have a Wahoo Cadence sensor (I’m assuming that’s Bluetooth?), you need to attach a Wahoo Speed sensor (or similar make) to the rear wheel, I’d go with a Wahoo Heart-Rate monitor too.

Pair 'em all up as a Classic setup on Zwift and you’ll be up and running.

Much of the Polar hardware is proprietary (can only be used with Polar computers). In this case, leave the Polar computer to one side and pair the Wahoo hardware to Zwift. You haven’t said how your communicating with Zwift, that is, PC or phone/tablet/Mac.?

Thanks everyone sounds like the speed sensor that I ordered should get me up and running since the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor show as running when I try, but the virtual bike does not move.  I plan on running Zwift with my Ipad, so do I need the app I downloaded on my phone to be running also?