Allow toggling between window and full screen modes

To switch screen modes between Full Screen and Windowed requires the following:

  • stop pedaling and wait for the Menu button to appear
  • click the Menu button
  • click settings
  • change the screen mode radio button
  • Click OK
  • End the ride and close the Zwift app
  • Start the app and start a new ride.

This is horrible.  Every other video app simply requires clicking the maximize button or pressing Esc to toggle between Full Screen and Windowed modes.  Also related, there is no way to minimize the app when it is in full screen mode.


Also as a result, the only way to switch apps while Zwift is open and in full screen is to use Alt-Tab.  

ALT+Tab or Windows+D will bring you to the desktop of a Windows PC.

Just set your Zwift to Windowed if it is that much of an issue, then you will have the minimize button.


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Alt Enter has always been the full screen hotkey, but then things are done quite differently now a days and we have the same simple problems that were overcome by simulation builders in years past, all over again.

There are brilliant app builders but it is like the Wild West. No more standards used as in Windows days.