Exit full screen?

(Chris Leather) #1

Much as I love full screen I would like to be able to exit it. At present I can’t find any way of doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks.

(Paul Allen) #2

From the pause menu goto settings and you should be able to uncheck full screen.

(Chris Leather) #3

Thanks Paul,

I was really looking for a way where I could just return to a window, like what often happens when you press Esc or F11.

It would be really useful so I can change the music in the background and stuff like that.

(Paul Allen) #4

Got it, I think you could use ALT+Tab to cycle through running programs. I have never tried it with Zwift, so I’m not sure if it will pause the ride or do anything else.

(Chris Leather) #5

Will give that a go. Managed to do it with Ctrl Alt Del but it wouldn’t resume properly afterwards.


(Erik Van Beusekom HIK C) #6

Even worse. When using full screen mode in Windows, I cannot see where the cursor is!!! It is there but invisible. Imagine how long it took me to find the correct buttons in the blind? Luckily they jiggle when the cursor passes, else I would have been lost. Bug fix needed very quickly!

(Steven Gilbert (PACK)) #7

On a Windows PC, I found CAPS LOCK exited full screen mode for me. I found it frustrating, so now I run Zwift in windowed mode, but hit the Windows maximize button at the top right corner. It’s as good as full screen mode, but gives me access to the toolbar to change music etc

Can’t talk for Mac.