Has anyone been able to use Airplay successfully? If so how?

I have tried to use Airplay and Apple TV but the results have been poor: very slow refresh rate on TV, 3-5 per second and Zwift application crashes. 

When I used a Lightning port to HDMI converter to TV, all worked well, however I would like to use Airplay.

I’ve used AirPlay from a late 2013 MBPR to an AppleTV gen. 3 attached to a 42" Samsung flat screen.

I’ve used it for a couple of rides – perhaps an hour and a half in total – with no issues.

Haven’t used it (airplay) more because I’m working out alone and, frankly, I didn’t think it added much to the experience (other than the novelty of seeing that it worked!).



I’ve used Airplay relatively successfully in two different locations. In general, it has worked fine; although, I get some stuttering and an occasional dropout in one location. 

Several things I’ve found are 1) I get a better result with minimal degradation in the viewing experience on my 54" TVs if I set Zwift’s resolution to 576 rather than 720 or 1080; 2) shutdown other apps that might chew up wifi bandwidth in the background; and 3) start airplay before launching Zwift - I have to do this in order to get the sound transferred to the TV. Launching Zwift first and then starting Airplay leaves the sound on my Retina MacBook Pro.

It is funny, but I have used Airplay more or less successfully for about 18 months.  Very little lag, things worked well.  However, starting in January 2017 the performance over Airplay has undergone a staggering degradation.  Today, my screen was literally 1:13 behind my Zwift Mobillink.  Do not know what is happening.

Huh. I use AirPlay every time I use Zwift, and the only issue I’ve ever had was that the sound doesn’t transfer to the TV, but seeing Eric’s above post I’m going to try launching it first (which I haven’t tried, so thanks!)

I just today saw the post that says it’s not recommended  - but I’ve got 48 slices of pizza in Zwift with Airplay and never had a problem.