Apple TV airplày

Has anyone tested a 4th gen Apple TV with zwift ios, did sound work?.  I tried the third gen and video works great but sound doesn’t.

I have used it on both versions of ATV. But sound does not work on either of them. Also I have airplayed from my ipad as well as my macbook pro. 

Sound is not supported via airplay for iOS. Zwift recommends a lightening to hdmi cable

Sound is now supported over Airplay, but no one responded to the question of how the video works on the Gen 4 ATV. Is it better than the Gen 3 device?

I have not tried it with my ATV4 yet. I will tonight. The app itself is a lot smoother. BT connections are faster and on point. 

I used a Gen 3 ATV until Christmas with acceptable performance - minor lags.  I changed to a Gen 4 and the performance is hopeless.  My lag today was 1:13.

The sound works, you just have to turn your ringer on. I had no sound from my iPhone (SE) or apple tv (2nd Gen) till I thought to turn on the ringer… instant sound!