After update 129

Hi all
After the update I notice my power when crazy from 2. ish to 4.5
now I’m Cat B almost A, how can I fix it? I’m cat C
RideOn - best to provide your ZP and Zwift ID’s and specify events that went weird - I can see one in ZP but your non-ZP events may also have erroneous data. Be sure to ask that your CE cat be corrected too.

@James_Zwift may also be able to help if he swings by and sees this.

Best to make sure the power issues are fixed before asking us to make any corrections.

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After calibrated work just fine
Thank you so much


Hi all,
All is good Now except my Cat should be C not B almost A, thanks all

Hi James
Any update?

did you email explaining the issue?


not yet,

you should do that then. While @James_Zwift can probably fix it he is quite busy so best following the standard support route and email the zwiftpower team explaining why your training was overreading and need your zp reset.

thank you much