B Cat but power of a D

Can someone look at my ZP profile and explain why I’m upgraded to B from D?

I’m assuming it’s a glitch as my power is D borderline high C.

Can you provide your zp profile link?

I can’t provide a link in reply for some reason so it’s the website…


yep that looks pretty messed up. try emailing zwiftpower@zwift.com

Something is not right.

Did you self select B in Zwift power?

And no didn’t self upgrade. Don’t even know how to do that.

Just raced as normal. Saw the result and was confused lol

Go to settings and see if Let Zwiftpower Decide is selected.

I don’t have that option under my settings, unless I’m totally missing it.

I emailed them as well so we’ll see what they say.

My section goes from Watts right to Bio.

Did you click on settings?

Hah, I seem to have got one of these as well, and funnily enough I’m assigned B as my mixed category (which is where I would race anyway) but I’m still free to bag all the sand I want in women’s C. The estimated FTP seems to be complete nonsense (or possibly based on my bestestest performance from like two years ago).

Yea definitely seems to be some glitches!