Bumped up to early

I’m a poor cat C standard.
I raced a cat E time trial, some glitch occured and I started at the same time as an other. This other guy abandoned after 500 meters and I carried on. Don’t know what happened. I think the game got confused, my power, his waight or something. I don’t blame him for abandoning if he was pushing my 95kg. Zwift has bumped me up to cat B and thinks my FTP increased by 50watts. Any ideas how to correct this.

I’m not sure I’ve heard of Zwift confusing data with another.

Is it possible you did actually perform so much better?

Post your data here and the racing boffins will analyse it.

If you examine the fit file from your ride in a 3rd party app such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, or intervals.icu you can probably validate the power numbers. I’ve also never heard of Zwift confusing the data of two riders.

If you go to my.zwift.com, find the part of the page that says FITNESS and click on MORE INFO. That will tell you your peak power values and the dates they were set. If you feel comfortable sharing a screenshot of that information you may get better advice here.

It does look like something strange happened in the event on 3/15. Can you tell us more about your trainer?

It’s an Elite Diretox

This sounds suspiciously like what @D_Florina_TT1D reported recently. I doubt that it was related to confusing your data with someone else, but it does look like you got a very strange power reading. There have been several reports of odd behavior when using Elite Direto trainers with Zwift recently (search the forum for Elite Direto and sort by latest)

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Thanks, funny same team as me too