Who do I contact when there is a Zwift Power issue?

Hi - for the last two EVO CC Sprint races, Zwift Power is incorrectly moving a random B rider to first place in the A race. Zwift Companion is correct but there seems to be a bug in Zwift Power. Since comments were discontinued I have no idea who to ask to correct? Last week I followed the procedure for a rider who should be DQ (which really isn’t the issue here) but never got a response from Zwift. Is anyone at Zwift watching? Who can I contact to fix?

Sorry, Zwift HQ is too busy breaking ZP to provide resources to fix it.

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It’s not really a bug, it’s due to how the series has been set up in ZwiftPower. Which is to move riders into their actual ZP category after the race (rather than DQ them), and then sort by time. In the last two events, the chaps to which you refer are cat A racers that have entered B and have thus been moved up, but they had a faster completion time than the fastest actual As because of such a small field. They are sandbagging, which is deemed totally fine at Zwift HQ.

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Thank you Dave

Is there some way to request/reset incorrect categorizations from Zwiftpower? I’m not trying to sandbag, but it’s been showing me as an A and the info shows watts and w/kg values for what’s supposed to be top 3 values over past 90 days, and even when I sort my entire history of races and group rides by max watts, max w/kg, none of my events show that high, let alone anything in past 90 days. It’s kind of frustrating being forced to get slaughtered by A’s or getting flagged as sandbagging if I try to ride B.

Hi @Chan_Stevens

See my analysis below.

Today - 90 =10/15/2021 - 90 = 7/17/2021

If this is not correct then Please send a E-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com


Fantastic illustration/explanation, thanks. I think my confusion was because my results/events list was defaulting to watts and the 20 min watts numbers weren’t matching up to the 95% figures used in the rating. Once I switched to enable the 95% to also display it is much more obvious.