Zwift Cat

Hiya Zwifter,

I got upgraded last week to a B Cat and now after the ZRL tonight I have been downgraded to a C is this normal my power look the same

Check your PRs on - anything new today?

If you got into B due to zFTP W/kg, then setting a new zMAP PR might have lowered it. If you see a 5 min PR that would be a strong indication. If you feel like sharing screenshots of those PRs you might get more accurate advice about what happened, but it’s expected that higher zMAP = lower zFTP. You must be right on the category border.

My expectation would be that your MAP PRs from yesterday drove your zFTP down. Are you quite certain that the downgrade actually happened today? It usually happens very quickly. I wouldn’t expect your 40 minute PR from today to do that but perhaps I will shortly be contradicted. Looks like your weight has been stable across the PRs so that would not be a factor. If you knew your zFTP yesterday that would help you understand it, but that’s not provided by Zwift.

@Paul_Southworth I think is was closer to 240 but may of gone down yesterday after the Army racing yesterday.

Thanks for your help

After having enough 90-day PRs expire to drop me a category it didn’t change my cat in the system until I did a ride (or maybe just logged in…either way it didn’t “just happen” for me). Could be the case here.