Adidas Run for the Oceans [2022]

We are excited to partner with Adidas Run for the Oceans. RFTO raises awareness about pollution in the Oceans and money for the Parley School. In this week long charity event May 23rd - June 8th there will be two ways to participate:

  • *10 minutes of running = the equivalent weight of one plastic bottle cleaned up – up to 500k lbs / 250.000kg.
  • All Primeblue made with Parley ocean plastic purchased gear helps intercept plastic before reaching beaches and ocean communities.

As a community, we are calling on you to help support this event. Runners will be able to take part in the mission and complete 20km of running between May 23d and June 8th. When the Zwift running community collectively runs 50,000km or 400,000 minutes, there will be an unlock (that you do not want to miss) available to the community. But that’s not all, just for participating in the mission you will unlock the following items in the adidas RFTO kit:

  • 25% adidas socks
  • 50% adidas hat
  • 75% adidas RFTO shorts
  • 100% adidas RFTO shirt
  • 100% Community Unlock: in-game adidas Ultraboost 22 shoes

Q: What can I do if one or more of my activities hasn’t been saved or the kit hasn’t been unlocked after completing a run?
A: The best way to ensure your run is counted is to save and exit after you have completed the activity. If you run into any of the above issues, please reach out to us—we’re here to help!

Looking for more info on how to join the adidas Run For The Oceans campaign? You can learn more on our adidas Run For The Oceans Zwift main page or Support Hub FAQ.

Looking for fun ways to get involved?

How can I get involved outside of the adidas RFTO event?

How much plastic currently pollutes the oceans?
An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic trash ends up in our oceans every year.

How has Zwift’s partnership helped with the efforts of adidas and the Parley School?
Last year all Km’s tracked by adidas Running App during the Run For The Oceans mission contributed to adidas and Parley cleaning up 250,000kg/500,000lbs of plastic waste from the oceans.

Really stupid question - but I cannot seem to be able to link the two apps.

I have signed into Runtastic with Google account directly, can see my profile both in app and on website. If I link via ZC app and click on Google to sign in, it simply says I must create an account. Almost as if it expects an input in the email and password field regardless…

EDIT: Nevermind - I got it done via the website (should anybody else have a similar issue)

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I have the same problem! I did the 10k event last night, everything is set up on my phone and it says i have completed the distance but in zwift the mission bar is still on 0% :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll report back shortly as I’m about to do an event.

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Worked for me.

I was already linked with Adidas from last year’s event but seem to recall it wasn’t that straightforward when i did.

Thanks everyone for flagging this up. We are aware of an issue with the adidas RFTO campaign being setup incorrectly which caused distance not to be credited for the mission. We will be retroactively crediting those who were registered for this mission and did not get credit yesterday. Please allow us a few days to process that credit. For those who were affected, you will not need to write in to receive that credit.


I was just about to ask for help when Christo’s remark about the website sent me in the right direction.

If you’re having trouble:
Make sure you’re logged in to the Zwift site. Then, on the Runtastic website, log in, go to the ‘run for the oceans’ page, look for the partners section and connect from there.
That worked for me.

@manda_F, I tried to connect from the companion app, settings, connection. Then use my Apple ID for the Runtastic account (which works on the Runtastic site). It kept giving the message that I needed to create a Runtastic account first. Hope this info can be of use.

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Is there anywhere we can check to see how close we are to the community target?


Hey @Stuart.Middlecoate! We don’t have a way for you to check in on the community target but we are sending out emails whenever the community hits a milestone. The first update came out in the “This Month on Zwift” email on Monday when the community hit 25,000 km.

Halfway there then. Great stuff.

How close are we to 50,000km? There’s only three days left. Would have been fun if the event website had shown mileage/km completed to see the community progress as the event went along.

DON’T FORGET you HAVE to click on the join event at the top left in the Zwift run screen or you will get screwed over for not receive the Adidas gear,… you will only get the run route achievements.

Congrats everybody. We did it.

Only issue is the unlock hasn’t worked.

@manda_F can you have a look at this?


Shoe unlock didn’t work. I’m somewhat not surprised. Anybody managed to unlock them?

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It doesn’t work for me yet.

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Yesterday I got an email ‘Thanks for taking part in the 2022 adidas Run For The Oceans’ which contained a clickable link for the community shoe unlock……but they have not unlocked yet.


Same issue here, clicked unlock on the email but so far no shoes.

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The unlock just sends you to the internet based activity page. That’ll not activate the unlock to the best of my knowledge.

Going in game has no effect either.


Same here, no unlock

Thanks everyone for letting us know that you are not seeing the unlock in your garage. I am looking into this now and will provide an update in this thread once I have one.

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