Woah do NOT connect Adidas Runtastic!

I am surprised Zwift didn’t do a bit more due diligence on Runtastic. Why would I give them all my 12,000 contacts?

That look like a Runtastic setting not a Zwift setting.

yeah, not sure what this has got to do with zwift?

my guess would be it is used to share your activities once you have done them? not used it myself but if there is a social element to their app that will likely be the reason

There are Zwift rides associated with a COVID-19 fundraising event. Tells you to sign up with Runtastic to take part.

This is why it is a Zwift issue, this email was sent out on the 30th of May:

Join us for the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge and help adidas and the World Health Organization fight COVID-19.

From June 1–7 , connect the adidas Running app* to your Zwift account—, even if you’re a cyclist—and adidas will track your minutes, so you can help unlock a donation to the World Health Organization.

adidas will kick off the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge with a $1M donation to the World Health Organization . During the challenge, they’ll add $1 for every hour you’re Zwifting and connected to the adidas Running app*.

Learn more about this challenge.

How To Participate in the #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge

Download the adidas Running app, even if you’re a cyclist.
• Sign up for #HOMETEAMHERO Challenge on adidas app.
• Connect Zwift and adidas app via Zwift Companion or MyZwift.
Sign up for a ride or run on Zwift.
• Although this isn’t required, it’s fun: Join an official adidas group workouts to Zwift with adidas athletes.


Normally I’d recommend a person just create a throwaway Gmail account but Google has gotten a lot sneakier about linking all Google accounts used on a PC so that’s probably risky as well. It never really concerned me until noticing that Chrome on my work PC linked up to my personal accounts one day after logging into YouTube…

google own youtube so signing into youtube is effectively signing into google and their associated products.