Can run but not race

I just started using zwift running with the zwift run pod but no heart rate monitor. I joined and have done a couple of the 2020 tri acadamy work outs (solo not with group) everything has gone smooth other than 1 issue.

No one else is in the world when I train. No other runs and no cyclist. On top of that I joined a race today and again was alone and it didn’t prompt me to join the race so I was never able to do the race.

Why is this? Do I have to have a heartrate monitor to do so? Do I need to be a minimum level? Thanks for suggestions. can

This seems to be an internet connection issue.

Now narrowing down the issue could be tricky.
What is your internet speed?
What is your ping time to central California?
Have you restarted your router?
Are you running a software firewall?
Is your software or hardware firewall blocking any ports?
Is your Zwift app fully up-to-date?

We will start there.

I appreciate the quick reply.

I don’t have any issues on the bike. This is a problem only when running so it seems unlikely my connection is the issue.

I’m using the Ys Wi-Fi so rebooting its really an option.

I have no idea about firewalls. I’m using my phone is that even a thing?

Yes app is up-to-date.

Are you using the same device to run Zwift for both running and riding?

There is no difference between running and ride as far as seeing others on the worlds.

Do you use the bike in the Y as well?

I am not. I use a pixel 3 to run and an apple laptop to ride. The I haven’t figured out how to get the pixel to connect to ant+ so that’s why I don’t use a heartrate monitor. Mines heartrate monitor is Garmin. But that’s a different problem.

When running with the Pixel are you using it at the same location or are you using it at the gym?

Zwift on mobile devices is Bluetooth only, so your best option is a duel band HRM.

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Running at gym only.

I think you’re correct in your first post. I just opened zwift app at my office and was in world with everyone else right away.

I really only need to do the 1 race to do the zwift academy tri so I’ll have to figure out something for that 1 race. Otherwise I’m happy running in my own private world at the gym.

Thanks for the help. I’m impressed with how quickly and patiently you responded.


Instead of using the gyms WiFi, try using cell data.