Run problem Zwift

Whenever I sign up to do a race,I always seem to be stuck at the start line when the race starts and not moving even when I’m running on the treadmill…I can never seem to be able to start with the run group.Anybody know or have the same problem and how to fix it

I don’t know your setup so I will just ask the basic question. Do you have a device to attach to your shoe or treadmill that is calibrated either through blue tooth or ANT+?

I have a Zwift run pod…it’s calibrated and everything is fine when I just want to go for a run but whenever I want to do a group run and when Im at the start line before the race starts I’m just left standing there when it’s time to race.its very frustrating when your all fired up ready to race.any help would be great.

That is very strange. You say it works going for a normal run in Zwift, but once you join an event it doesn’t work? You may have to send in a ticket to Zwift Support to get that looked into. Does repairing the sensor work when you are in the pen waiting for the event to start?

I never have a blue treadmill under me when I’m waiting in the pen to start,I’ll send in a ticket to Zwift and see what happens.
Thanks for the interest in trying to identify problem👍

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Quick clarification…when the race starts, everyone else runs off but you don’t move for a bit, then you do move…or, you never move?

If it’s the former, could it be the delay from when you start running to when Zwift recognises your running? I’ve never done a race, but I saw a YouTube video of a guy who started to physically run before the race started and his avatar stayed at the start line, but then when the race started he was instantly up to speed (with no delay) and left everyone else behind (although sadly for him they cought up!), so could that be worth trying.