Stuck on the startline

I’m fairly new to Zwift Racing. Today I was down to race a Tt. The Army Wyn at 14.30. I warmed on and got to the startline but when the gun went I was still in the start pedalling but going nowhere. Any ideas why?
When I looked at the results it states a women only race but men feature in the results. Again any idea why.

I assume your power meter or trainer went to sleep mode while you were waiting.

Thank you. But that is probably unlikely as I only transferred over a few minutes before the start of the race and I continued warming up.

Somehow your trainer became unpaired before the start.

When you’re warming up, it helps avoid problems if you check that Zwift Companion is showing you generating watts. If it’s stuck on zero, then you can try the Pairing screen in the Menu to fix it.