Adidas cycling shoes unlock

Anybody have issues getting their adidas cycling shoe unlock?

I completed a ride and did not get them unlocked. But my husband did

Was it one of the actual Adidas group rides? When I first heard about it, it made it sound like ANY ride during that period. Then I looked into it, and it’s only a few Adidas rides per day that qualify. I’m still debating whether to do my normal 4pm ride today or an 8pm ride to get some fake shoes. :rofl:

You have to complete one of the adidas rides in order to earn the shoes.

I did not receive the adidas shoes on the Monday 3 pm adidas ride, but today I rode the 12 pm ride with Lottie and received the shoes.

You have to do one of the adidas rides. My first ride did not produce the shoes–the second one did. But still no entry for a chance to win the real ones. Oh well, still a great fun workout.

I did one of the rides with no success with the unlock. Going to do another today.


If you completed one of the rides and didn’t receive the shoes, please contact support. You shouldn’t have to do them twice.


To enter, click the button below via mobile for the best experience. This will prompt you to download the adidas app. Come back to this email and click the button once more. You will be directed to the giveaway page.
*To enter the giveaway, you must be part of the adidas membership program, and an active Zwift user. Limit one entry per person. Subject to eligible countries: US, AUS, NZ, DE, UK, FR, NL and ESP.

Thanks but no thanks. I don’t feel like downloading another personal data mining app just for a chance to win some shoes.

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Hi @ all,
I contacted support and was told that it is not possible to subsequently assign the shoes to my account.
Has it worked for anyone else? Otherwise I am waiting for the next Adidas event :slight_smile:
Thanks for your support!

That’s quite normal for Zwift to not be able to unlock rewards post event.

I think your luck is out I’m afraid.

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