Adidas Global Cycling Series Giveaway Drawing

Completed the first “stage” of the adidas Global Cycling Series this morning and subsequently received an e-mail allowing me to enter the drawing for the real-life indoor cycling shoes; however, when I click on the link in the e-mail, it just takes me to a generic page, regardless of whether I’m logged into their site as a member of their “Creator’s Club”, that provides no form for me to enter my information. Not the end of the world for me personally, but I imagine someone out there is going to make an issue of it, so I decided to go ahead and report it. (Rather surprised, though, that I can find no mention of the issue elsewhere, given several hours have elapsed since the series started.) Not sure whether it’s on Zwift’s or Adidas’ side. (I suspect likely the latter.)

Thanks, I’ve flagged with our team.

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Thanks, @JamesBailey! For what it’s worth, I tried the link on my phone (instead of my laptop, which I used yesterday) and, even though the link still opened in my phone’s web browser (Chrome), I was directed to the sign-up form and successfully entered the draw. Very odd.

tl;dr: those that complete the ride, click the link in the email via mobile for best experience. This will direct you to the app store to download the adidas app. Then click the email via mobile once more and you will be directed to the giveaway page

Thanks, @JamesBailey, but what they are describing with respect to opening the e-mail on the desktop is NOT the experience I’m having. I don’t know what they’re referring to with respect to “On the radar”. I don’t see any text on the landing page to that effect, nor is there any mention anywhere of how to sign up for the drawing. All the content on the page is about promoting the benefits of their rewards program.

I would recommend that anyone having the same issue as I did simply open the e-mail on their phone.

Thanks again for your assistance!

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