I have completed the first three stages now of this series. I received an email that the first stage was complete from Monday, but nothing from Tuesday or Wednesday’s stages. I was expecting the “running kit” would have unlocked and shown as NEW in my Garage either at the end of the Tuesday Event or on my next login per the link below; however, this is not the case. I am really looking forward to unlocking the shoes at the end of the series, and I want to ensure that my results are being properly counted.

Lots of problems going on with running kits right now.
I completed the zrs cobble crusher event, received the socks and glasses after the race. But when logged in again they disappeared.

Completed the true treadmill speed workout, but didn’t received the shirt.

Completed the under armour hovr stage 2, received the mail but not the shirt.

My main concern is about the true treadmill event, because doing them allowed you to enter a giveaway for a treadmill. Not sure if I’m in now :confused:

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I have now completed all 5 stages, and still, no unlocks :frowning:
I do not have the opportunity to run them all again, but if it can be identified that a particular event is causing the concern I can try to squeeze in a re-run of one or two.

This series also has real-world prizes that I would like the opportunity to win by completing the challenge.

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Completed all five and no unlocks here either :frowning:

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Yes same here completed all 5 and no unlocks, thought I was doing something wrong! Glad it’s not just me


Yep, same here Dan. I’ve emailed ZHQ about it…

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I also have completed all 5 stages and received no unlocks - I’ve emailed

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Did you email them Wesley? If so, have you had a reply yet?

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I had not, I came to the forum first, but I have now sent an email from the support contact us page. A ZHQ Employee @shooj was in the second event with me so I thought they would see this.

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I have the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:

5 of 5 Nothing in the garage.

I finished :weary:Nothing in the garage