UA Run the World no kit unlocks

Has anyone else not received any kit unlocks while completing these events? My last run (5/5) didn’t save properly on Apple TV which is a separate issue, but I’m sure there should have been kit unlocks along the way…

Completed all five races and did not receive anything.

A couple other people have posted in the Events forum that they also did not receive the unlocks.

Got the last one to do later but didn’t get anything after stage 2.

Also got no kit, only got shoes.

I also completed all 5 stages with no unlocks - I’ve emailed them

All 5. Nothing in the garage.

Did you definitely get the correct shoes? I have a pair of UA Hovr’s but not the ones offered in this event.

Stuart you are right! I also have a pair of UA Hovr‘s but they are not the offered ones! SomI also got nothing.

I’ve emailed ZHQ so I’ll keep you posted on what they say. I have had this problem before with other unlocks and they have been able to get them into my garage eventually! So, fingers crossed!

i thought it was only me who didn’t received the kit and shoes… i even thought that i didn’t received because i only managed to join the 1st group run half way into the event and did that again on Saturday but still nothing pop up after finishing the group run…

Got an email back from ZHQ saying they will look into it, but can’t promise they will unlock.

Anyone know which events are tied to the unlocks? Is it Paris and Innsbruck?

Yes, stage 2 and 5.

Keep us updated on your interaction with Zwift. I’m not sure anybody actually got the rewards.

I got exactly the same Dan. Bit disappointing really…

Like everybody else, I didn’t unlock the kits after the 5 events.
Tbh, I didn’t even bother sending an email as I was expecting the kind of answer you received (it happens quite often that events and missions don’t unlock the shirts/shoes/glasses…)
So, @BigBadDom @Stuart.Middlecoate I just reran Paris today and got the “shirt unlock banner” at the end of the event, it is now in my garage. I’ll try Innsbruck later this week.
Hope it will work for you as well.

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That’s interesting. I did Paris twice to make sure it wasn’t an error on the first run.
It wasn’t.
I’ll maybe go 3rd time lucky.

I’m not going to run them again as don’t have time, but I have asked ZHQ if I’ll still get entered into the competition draw…it’s worth a shot I guess!

I run a community website and Instagram called @zwiftjerseys I looks like there might be an unlock bug :bug: pretty sure if you run all 5 stages in any order then run Stage 2 and Stage 5 again you should get the shirt and shoes respectively. I’m so far on 2,5 then 1 in that order doing 3 and 4 this week then running 2 see if it’s true. Also logged a support request but manual addition takes ages sometimes months. So if I need to run 35km then no problem if I get the unlocks.

Did Innsbruck work as well?

I’m running Paris tomorrow and Innsbruck on Friday so fingers crossed I’ll get the unlocks🤞

I repeated Paris after having completed all previous ones and still didn’t get it.