Focus: Colours of PARI - confirmation email

Hi, finished all 3 stages couple hours ago, confirmation email after last stage didn’t came through. How can I participate in draw? :slight_smile:


Same for me. I guess it will take some time.

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Same here.
Ps: Well done folks for completing the challenge. Was my first Zwift contest, my legs will remember it for sure

Same here - also didn’t receive the email yet. Finished the last stage in the early morning today.

Just to be safe I’m riding it again now :sweat_smile:

No mail here for me neither… Did you get after your second ride?

Nope, still nothing. So it must be a bug.
On the previous rides, so the first two of the three, I got the mail immediately after I passed the finish line.

Yes, had 2 emails. One after each race

Same here. 2 e-mails (first 2 races), nothing after 3rd race

Same heres, got mail after the 2 first events but none after third.
Good workout

My first series of events too, I did send an email to support after this last stage inquiring about this. All other emails were received within minutes of finishing a stage. Great sharing some miles with y’all and pushing the pace!

I didn’t receive it either. :frowning:
I tried to submit a support ticket, but I am also not receiving the confirmation that I submitted a support ticket (like I used to receive in the past).
Something is off…

My mailing settings were off. I never received a mail before, not even when I just registered. I hope to get the final confirmation mail anytime soon for the Focus x PARI challenge :upside_down_face:

Is anyone watching this topic or we are just a source of income for Zwift? It clearly feels so in the last couple of months.

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I didn’t receive mail neither.
Wrote a ticked, with no answer. But I think (and hope) that e-mail’s will be send when all events of Focus series is over.

Same here. Received confirmation e-mails for the first two rides and nothing after the third ride.

For the folks that received confirmation emails after the first two rides - where the did the email come from? Zwift or Focus. I’ve completed all three stages as well, but have not received any confirmation emails.

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Same here , no email or emails :confused:

For me, the emails for the first two rides came directly from Zwift “The Team at Zwift:

Ubs … I got the first two, but waiting for the third one! Got all of them in my inbox as soon as I finished the rides…