Add hint to Zwift buttons

I don’t know what a button is supposed to do just by looking at the icons (which are non-appropriate most times).
Please add a text below the button and explain what the action is supposed to be.

Hello @Florin_Angelescu, welcome to the forums.

What buttons are you referring to? Companion app actions? Menu items in the game?

Of possible use:

Hi, Mike,

The drawback appears in all apps across all platforms.
I can set a short example: what does a slice or bread stands for? Zwift is going to deliver me breakfast?

Thanks, CJ!
This is useful indeed, but I would like those buttons to be more user friendly. It would help, especially during races when tour mind is not able to associate icons with actions that fast. :))
My opinion is that this is an UX problem and let’s face it: Zwift always had issues with UX. Until recently, you had to quit the entire game in order to switch routes/worlds. And this is just an example, more can be listed.

I see the confusion now, Mike.
You are right. I am talking about the in game buttons with cameras, hands, bread, hammers, etc.

most of those buttons are just noise makers and are annoying and should be removed completely. The slice of bread just makes you say “I’m toast”…


I will never not put in a plug for my own Companion App redesign request:

One thing though: I strongly disagree with adding text to them. They should be intuitive, yes, but text requires reading and interpretation. A well-designed UI should make control functions immediately evident at a glance. (source: have done some UI design, and flew aircraft with glass cockpits which are much more complex, and a higher workload environment, than Zwift)


I agree that text might be an overhead.
But I don’t see Zwift rushing to listen to their users.
They spend tons of money on commercials and eRacing stuff that I am uncomfortable with.
I am paying the subscription so that I get the best game experience and I’ve never felt receiving a correct fare (using it for over 2 years).

most of those buttons are just noise makers and are annoying and should be removed completely. The slice of bread just makes you say “I’m toast”…

100% agree with this, the buttons are just so ill thought out and should be removed completely. The can’t go soon enough

The fact that when you get a rideon you see a thumb over your head, but clicking on the thumb just makes your rider shout “ride on”… without giving a ride-on… is… insane.

More than that, some people just sit and spam the buttons over and over, shouting “ride on” in an irritating voice.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, they don’t even fit on the screen, and they move so that sometimes its like playing whack-a-mole. You can go to adjust workout intensity up, and they reposition left or right and you end up hitting the “u-turn” button instead. Its a UI disaster.

Please god remove the buttons!!!

I wish @Otto_Destruct’s post wasn’t closed, can you still vote for it?

It doesn’t seem so, I think he only closed it because it was just being ignored by Zwift :frowning:

Should we just create a new feature request with the exact same request?

I have to say the process for reporting bugs / requesting features just seems bizzare. You just seem to post here, hope someone from Zwift maybe spots it, and then just shake the magic 8 ball to see if it gets fixed. I reported about 15+ bugs about 9 months ago… not a one of them has been fixed yet… there’s not even a ticketing system like every other company I’ve ever come across uses where you have a reference you can follow up for progress, its like shouting into the night with no response.

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Don’t worry, at least you didn’t literally show them a problem in person and give detailed steps on how to reproduce it, only to be told they couldn’t reproduce it and the problem carry on for another year.


This does exist, look under the title of the thread for a strange letter-number code.


This does exist, look under the title of the thread for a strange letter-number code

Ticketing references exists for some bugs, but only ones that get picked up and ackowledged and the process for that is opaque and inconsistent - I’ve reported 15+ bugs and none of them have a ticket reference - where’s the ticket reference for this bug report for instance:

My point is, a customer support ticketing system isn’t usually “hidden”/internal, you get a ticket reference when you contact customer support . That doesn’t seem to happen with Zwift, and contacting Zwift is difficult. But the problem is apparent even in this thread - its turned into a discussion on Zwift bug report process, hasn’t got a ticket reference, and is off-topic from the initial report :wink:

But is this a bug or a feature request ?

I obviously don’t know the system Zwift is using. Looking at the location of the item shown above, with a letter-number code ticket reference, I’m guessing that if Zwift considers a reported ‘bug’ to be something they believe the system should not be doing it becomes a Known Issue and hopefully work to resolve it.

If something is working the way Zwift think or intended it should then they are unlikely to consider it a bug just because 1, 100 or 1000 users consider it a bug.

Wording from Bugs and Support - “Think you found a bug or need a helping hand from the community? Post your troubles here.” Most of the time this just means: hopefully someone on this forum can give you a workaround or point you in the right direction for more information, just as CJ did in post 3.

Ian, I understand fully why Zwift might want to offload support work onto the community (it saves them money). My point is, it makes for a shoddy customer experience since it adds hurdles in trying to get the attention of Zwift support. There’s a reason no other company that I know stops you from contacting their customer service when yuo have an issue and makes you go via a forum.

I have a list of bugs, but instead of being able to report them directly for remediation and having a trackable reference for each, I have to throw them open to a community forum, where they are subject to misinterpretation, “helpful” comments from other zwifters that often send them off on tangents etc, and ultimately they go unnoticed by Zwift and unresolved.

Your experience may be different, but my experience is that the system doesn’t work. At all.

We’re well off this thread topic now (this is part of the problem!) so I’ll leave it there. Lets agree to disagree so as not to distract this thread further :slight_smile: