Add a recumbent bike avatar?

Hi all,

After a horrible accident where I lost my left arm I can happily cycle again on a recumbent trike.
Im the proud owner of the fantastic HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS26 included with a Pinion C1.12!!
I bought the Tacx Neo and I can cycle great races at Zwift but it would be awesome if I could select my frameset and its also more fair for you guys to see who youre up to cycling.
There will be probably lots of other people with a recumbent bike or other people with a disability who use Zwift.
Would be fantastic for all those who own a recumbent bike to select it for even better sensation of reality in the virtual Zwift world!
I upload some pictures of my bike so you can see what i mean.
I did ask about this possibility at the Zwift servicedesk and they adviced to ask my request here and also on the forum.
I hope you like this idea too and understand my request.

With sporty greetings,


Make sure you also vote up the existing requests for this feature: Search results for 'Recumbent' - Zwift Forums


Congrats on getting back on wheels! Ditto on the recumbent avatar. I wire an AZUB 20 (full suspension) and my trainer setup is with a CruzBike S30.
More important than the avatar would be the possibility of tuning the workouts to the recumbent position. 115 RPM on a recumbent feels like 110 RPM on a diamond frame, so choosing a recumbent avatar should also set the RPMs a little lower for the training routines.


Another vote for recumbent bike and trike avatars! I ride a Bacchetta Carbon Aero 3 and also have a Catbike Musashi (profile pic). I have a ton of friends who ride bikes and trikes. Please add bike and trike avatars!

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Another vote for recumbent bike and trike options! I just joined Zwift and disappointed to see no such choices. I’m riding a short wheel base recumbent bike (Azub MINI), and it would be nice to see a variety of 'bent options.

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Another vote from me… I already requested a recumbent avatar by mail, but they told me to come to the forums and make myself heard. I’m currently riding a Hase Kettwiesel on rollers, but I also have a Nazca Paseo that I plan to use on Zwift as soon as I pull the trigger on a smart trainer.

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Are there any other recumbent tadpole trike riders on here? I got into trikes in 2009 when back and neck injuries kept me from riding regular two wheels, and recumbent bikes require a bit more cowardination than I have. The Zwift hub fit right on my home built trike. So looking for other riders.

I am loving this app. I can continue to ride even when mother nature is at her worst. I see a handcycle is offered in the garage, I ride a recumbent tadpole trike due to injuries that make it difficult to ride regular bikes. So I would like to see if a recumbent tadpole trike would be possible. I use the Zwift hub on my home built trike, works great. Thanks.

Zwift support says the Hub is not compatible with recumbents. They do not specifically mention trikes. I have an ICE Adventure 26” tadpole trike and am interested in trying this product. Why would the Hub not work? Can I try it and return it if it won’t work?

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For the trike rider avatar, there is an existing feature suggestion you can vote for:

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I have the hub on my home built tadpole trike. I used the skewer on mine. 130 mm. So far it’s working. I’ve done three rides so far.

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Hi Paul,
How do you vote?

I’m in favor of representing disabled athletes in the game (and generally representing everyone the way they want to be seen). Virtual cycling is vital for people dealing with the trauma of injury and accidents. For the same reason, I support improving the accessibility of the game in general, such as for people with low or no vision.

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Has there been any more thought or discussion on putting a recumbent tadpole trike avatar in the game?

Some recent discussions are linked below. These threads should probably be merged together @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ

I have searched the forum for this subject. One of those posts is mine. Most of them are a couple of years old. I see there is a handcycle avatar, would be sweet if there could be a recumbent tadpole trike avatar also. I think it would be advantageous for other riders to see that there are riders that can’t do the two wheelers, but still want to ride, and can be seen riding what they ride. Plus I think it would or could bring more riders to the game. Just my thoughts.
Thanks for the quick response.

Rick Baldwin
Recumbent tadpole triker

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I know this topic is similar to other areas here in Zwift Forums. I’ve been through almost all of them. I am wondering if the recumbent trike avatar is even being considered. I have the Zwift hub hooked up to my recumbent tadpole trike and love it. It would be nice to see an avatar to match. I see the handcycle on some of my routes, pretty cool. Just curious… thanks. Here is my setup. Using the 130mm quick release and 7 speed cassette. This is a home built tadpole I built in 2009.

Another vote for me - Having a dedicated even universal representation of a recumbent bike would be an instant conversion from me.

I love the idea of Zwift and had been looking forward to having ago but after trying it out using my Vision R600E Recumbent Exercise Bike the experience was horrible. I successfully connected the machine and tried a few sessions but the speed settings and the mapping of metrics didn’t translate well. It felt like I was peddling through the mud with a huge difference in total distance traveled. Zwift was approx 1/3 of what the machine captured.

I hope the have capacity to add this feature!

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Another vote for recumbent bike representation in the game! I love to see the movement towards accessibility in Zwift, and I hope they keep their commitment for all cyclists.

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