Recumbent tadpole trikes

Are there any other recumbent tadpole trike riders on here? I got into trikes in 2009 when back and neck injuries kept me from riding regular two wheels, and recumbent bikes require a bit more cowardination than I have. The Zwift hub fit right on my home built trike. So looking for other riders.

I am loving this app. I can continue to ride even when mother nature is at her worst. I see a handcycle is offered in the garage, I ride a recumbent tadpole trike due to injuries that make it difficult to ride regular bikes. So I would like to see if a recumbent tadpole trike would be possible. I use the Zwift hub on my home built trike, works great. Thanks.

Zwift support says the Hub is not compatible with recumbents. They do not specifically mention trikes. I have an ICE Adventure 26” tadpole trike and am interested in trying this product. Why would the Hub not work? Can I try it and return it if it won’t work?

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For the trike rider avatar, there is an existing feature suggestion you can vote for:

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I have the hub on my home built tadpole trike. I used the skewer on mine. 130 mm. So far it’s working. I’ve done three rides so far.

Hi Paul,
How do you vote?

I’m in favor of representing disabled athletes in the game (and generally representing everyone the way they want to be seen). Virtual cycling is vital for people dealing with the trauma of injury and accidents. For the same reason, I support improving the accessibility of the game in general, such as for people with low or no vision.

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