Add a recumbent bike avatar?

That is my concern as well, Rick. I love the idea of getting to ride a bike that looks like my real bike in-game. Using the arm cycle just because the rider is laying down doesn’t really solve the issue, and fussing with the power/gearing to make it behave right doesn’t sound like a fun time.

I have a lot of respect for those who power themselves with their upper body, I certainly wouldn’t make it very far!

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These are my setups for riding. Been doing recumbents since 2009 due to back and neck injuries. They are alot different than the handcycle in Zwift. I do want to try the handcycles though.

I’m hoping that the GLGs (God-Like-Geeks) & UberTechies at Zwift will consider adding a RECUMBENT bike (Low-Racer to start, maybe a Mid-Racer or High-Racer later on) to the ‘stable’ of available Zwift bikes.

Since they were able to create a ‘Hand Cycle’, creating the graphics for a Low-Racer Recumbent should be a breeze. And the PERFORMANCE SPECS can be found here: (substitute back slash for dash)


I’m a SLG (Skinny Li’l Gal) and I ‘blow the doors off’ of ‘Roadies’ all the time with my Low Racer. (well, on the flats, anyway - hills, not so much :slight_smile: .

Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed, maybe we’ll get one for Christmas.
PS: Something like a ’ Velokraft NoCom’ would be so cool ! See it here :


Michelle I agree, I am a disabled US Army Veteran. I have a pinched nerve in my neck which messes up my back regularly. I have a horrible time with my neck riding a regular road bike. Hard to tilt my head up so I’m very unsafely looking at the ground. I just got the ICE VTX and strapped it to my wahoo kicker. A recumbent bike definitely uses different muscles. Would be cool if they added some different trikes to the game.


You should vote up the existing thread on this.

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Voted. Hope they decide to do a recumbent trike avatar soon. Really would like to rep real life rides…


Names Rick. I am a disabled U.S. Army and USMC veteran myself. (medical discharge from Marines due to Army injury) I’ve been riding recumbent trikes since 2009. (Back and neck injuries that make it difficult to ride regular bikes for extended time) Built my first one which is now my indoor trainer on a Zwift hub. Works great. My other one is a Trident Trike Terrain Fat 26. ICE VTX is a very cool trike. It’s the road bike of recumbent trikes. Very fast. I hope to see a recumbent trike avatar on Zwift soon. If they can do a handcycle, a recumbent trike shouldn’t be to difficult. Maybe see you in Watopia some day, Ride On.


Yea! Recumbents (esp. Recumbent Trikes (Tadpole or Delta) are becoming more common with the aging population, and ‘rear wheel powered’ recumbent bikes and tadpole trikes are as easy to set up on a trainer as a regular bike.

Pls. tell me how I can vote in favour of adding a recumbent bike / trike to the Zwift bike inventory.

Thank you.

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You can vote at the top of the discussion. Scroll all the way up, you should see the vote box.

Hi. I ride a recumbent trike and I’d like to see one as a frame option to select.

This is a picture of my ride.