Recumbent tri-cycle

Hi all,

After a horrible accident where I lost my left arm I can happily cycle again on a recumbent tri-cycle bike.
Im the proud owner of the fantastic HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS26 included with a Pinion C1.12!!
Last week I bought the Tacx Neo and I can cycle great races at Zwift but it would be awesome if I could select my frameset and its also more fair for you guys to see who youre up to cycling.
There will be probably lots of other people with a recumbent bike or other people with a disability who use Zwift.
Would be fantastic for all those who own a recumbent bike to select it for even better sensation of reality in the virtual Zwift world!
I upload some pictures of my bike so you can see what i mean.
I did ask about this possibility at the Zwift servicedesk and they adviced to ask my request here and also on the forum.
I hope you like this idea too and understand my request.

With sporty greetings,