Feedback for more bikes compatibility to Zwift - Recumbent bikes

I currently ride a Cruzbike -Recumbent bicycle in the real world. Would love to see a recumbent bicycle option in the Zwift App. If possible specifically Cruzbike bike.This is a recumbent bicycle but has a front wheel drive unlike other recumbent bicycles. Wonderful bike.
More people are riding recumbent bicycles, they are becoming more popular and they are easier to ride as you get older, easier on the neck and bottom. No neck pain and no pain on your “sit bones”!!

Hi @Susan_Winchell, thanks for taking the time to provide us with this valuable feedback, we truly appreciate it!

Feedback from Zwifters like yourself is incredibly useful in our efforts to improve the Zwift game and all other aspects of the Zwifting experience for all members of the Zwift community.

I’ve gone ahead and passed your feedback on to our developers. We take feedback and also demand from our users into our decision-making when deciding on future development projects or new implementations.